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What should I do when the drainpipe is clogged?

What should I do when the drainpipe is clogged?
  • According to Article 20 of Sewerage Law, "The User shall be responsible for the management and maintenance of its own drainage facility," and thus the cleaning holes of the (front) back alleys should be maintained and managed by the user.
  •  If the drain is clogged or the flow rate decreases, please follow the following steps:
Step I: Open the cleaning hole and take out the junk with an iron stick and clean the debris attached to the wall, and then wash the cleaning hole with water.
Step II: If the problem can not be solved, it means the problem is not at the house-user, please contact the Sewer Engineering Accthority.  (06)2986672-7619Cleaning hole

To avoid blockage of the sewer, the following substances are prohibited:

1.        Garbage, rags, sanitary napkins, etc.
2.        Flammable oil and grease.
3.        Please install grease traps in restaurants.
4.        Do not dispose kitchen waste.