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Service of Hydraulic Administration Section

A.Regional engineering projects:
In charge of the following duties in the flat areas of Houbi, Baihe, Sinying, Dongshan and Yanshuei Districts in Tainan City:

  1. Hydraulic engineering: construction, improvement, maintenance, and dredging.
  2. Design, supervision, contracting, construction performance management, emergency repairs, reconstruction, and construction land acquisition for construction of rainwater drainage projects.

B.Non-engineering affairs:

  1. Large mobile pumps and simple pumping facilities: setup, management and maintenance.
  2. Compensation application for demolition and management of drainage.
  3. Water rights, ground water control, and land subsidence control.
  4. Reservoir compensation and management.
  5. Legal dispute resolution for quarrying.
  6. Irrigation Association assistance and river management.