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How do I evacuate when a mountain torrent occurs?

What is a mountain torrent?
The most common mountain torrent is caused by heavy rains. It usually refers to the deterioration and incidental floods along rivers and streams in mountainous areas and the landslides, avalanches, and debris flow. Outburst of flood-control facilities may also trigger mountain torrents. Mountain torrent hazard refers to the harm brought by mountain torrents, including injuries, property loss, infrastructure damage and destruction of environmental resources. Mountain torrent can be divided into debris flow hazards, landslide hazards and flood hazards.
1.Warning sign of a mountain torrent: If you are in a stream and find turbid water from upstream or small twigs and non-waterside plants drifting by, please go to the shore immediately. This is a warning sign that the mountain torrent is rushing down to the steam you are in.
2.How can I quickly escape from the danger of a mountain torrent? The residents living in the mountain torrent-prone areas, gulches, canyons and streamside should be highly alert during constant heavy rains, especially at night. If there are any abnormalities, please assemble the residents, escape from the site immediately, stay in the nearest safe place, and try to get in touch with the outside world for rescue. You must not take any chances or try to salvage belongings and delay the escape timing, which may cause undue casualties.
3.What to do when an unexpected mountain torrent occurs?
  • Be sure to keep calm. Quickly judge the surrounding environment and move to the mountains or a higher place as soon as possible. If you are unable to escape immediately, you should stay in a relatively safe place.
  • When the mountain torrent is rushing down the river, do not run along the direction of the flood path; instead, you should quickly find shelter at either side of the river.
  • Do not across any river when the mountain torrent occurs.
  • If you are trapped in a mountain by a mountain torrent, you should get in touch with the flood control department of the local government and seek rescue.