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Can the project completely solve the flooding problem?

This project aims to tackle the flood problem in the flood-prone areas from the root causes while achieving the objectives. Flood control and management and land restoration are conducted in parallel. After its completion, it can effectively reduce the level and incidence of flood, protect 2.5 million people from the threat of flood, and reduce a loss of about 12 billion per year due to flood. However, due to the impact of global climate change, if the rainfall intensity exceeds the protection standard of the flood control design, it still poses flooding risks. The government’s efforts alone are not enough for "flood control and land restoration”. After the project is completed, if estrepement, deforestation, competition of land with water and destruction of hydrological and ecological environment continue, no amount of budget or projects can prevent people from suffering from flood. After all, flood control and management requires everyone’s cooperation and effort to achieve the goal of “sustainable Taiwan” and provide people with a fear-free and happy homeland.